Dipping Belt For Men & Women (Black)

$39.99 $21.97

What Makes Our RIMSports Dip Belt Different?
The difference between RIMSports’ Dip Belt and other weightlifting belts for dips is most are made of faux leather and cowhide that break under pressure, irritate your skin, and dig into your back. For our weight belts for dips we use quality, cotton material infused with the most advanced wicking technology – so you can work out and lift your dip belt with chain in comfort. Additionally, our back belt with chain is 8 inches longer than a dip belt 30inch chain, making it the best belt chain for dips.

Why Use Our RIMSports Dip Belt?

By using our weight lifting dip belt, weight lifting becomes more challenging. Generally, a dipping belt can help increase muscle power by adding additional resistance. This helps open a new world of exercise possibilities as you use this exercise belt with chain. Other dip belt leather is stiff and offers no padding, while our weight belt for dips and pull ups can help achieve max reps in comfort. Moreover, their chain belt for lifting is usually weak and short and the chain clip screws come undone too easily, our belt has a 38 inch chain making it adjustable and the perfect weight belt with chain for men and women. A chain belt for weightlifting should give enough to room to ensure weights never touch the ground. This makes it the ideal dip belt for adding weights!

How To Use Our Dip Belt?

Step 1: Hold on to the end of the belt with one hand and pull the end of the chain through the belt loop with the other hand, while holding onto the base.

Step 2: While holding on to your weight of choice, loop the chain through the weight and attach the end of the carabiner to the opposite belt loop.

Step 3: Pulling the chain close to your stomach, making sure to shorten any excess chain; feel free to adjust the chain to your desired length