15 Killer Glutes Exercises You Need to Try Today!

glute exercises

Getting a firm booty is our absolute duty – that’s why we power through all those grueling glutes exercises, isn’t it? Your glutes are your body’s most powerful muscle group and they have a mightier purpose than just looking good in those skin-tight jeans! Working your glutes can increase your metabolic rate, help reduce lower […]

How I lost 20 pounds in 3 months?

It took me a while to share these pictures of myself. Not because of fear or ridicule or even shame. I just didn’t want to be held accountable should I fall back into my unhealthy habits. I wanted an escape plan, an “eh-I’ll-make-it-up-tomorrow” plan. However, as the days turned into months, and I reached the […]

How to stay fit when eating abroad?

1. Eat whatever you like in moderation for the first week – but only for taste. My fitness journey began less than 5 months ago and a great deal of my progress was due in large part to eating healthy and living that crossfit lifestyle. With this plan of conscious eating and healthy living, I […]